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Introducing the Hoopsy Fertility Community

We are so excited that February is here! Not because it’s Valentine’s day and the prices of flowers are about to triple or because January is finally over, and it felt like it would never end. We are excited because in just two short weeks, our Hoopsy fertility community will be launching, and we cannot …

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Am I pregnant Here’s how to tell across Europe

Am I pregnant?? Or not? A funny story, a friend of mine bought a digital pregnancy test online from Amazon (this was years ago before I knew her, otherwise I might have had to defriend her!) She got it home and did the test, only to find that the words on the test screen where …

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Should I tell my Mum I'm trying

You and your partner, or just you have decided you want a baby, but should you tell your Mum that you are trying to get pregnant? Trying to get pregnant can be a long hard road, so you might want the extra support, help, and love from someone who has known you all your life, …

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