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6 Possible Explanations for a False Positive Pregnancy test

Pregnancy tests are an exciting and nerve-wracking experience (as you probably know). A positive result can be a joyous moment. A negative result on the other hand can be disappointing when you’re trying to conceive (TTC). However, a false positive pregnancy test can be even more confusing and concerning. False positive test results are uncommon, …

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Weekly Roundup Jan 27th - New blog manager

Hoopsy Weekly Roundup for Friday, January 27th… Hi! Welcome to this week’s weekly roundup. So it’s been as usual a busy week at Hoopsy HQ. I have been packing those requests for free samples. Oh my goodness! We now have over 2,700 requests. It’s gone crazy, but we’re only doing it until the end of …

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early signs of pregnancy

The obvious early sign of pregnancy is missing your period, but if your periods aren’t regular then that may not actually be that helpful. So we have put together a list of early signs of pregnancy that you can look out for, not all happen with all women and not all may happen early, it …

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is a midstream or strip pregnancy test better

Good question, is a midstream or strip pregnancy test better? To be honest it isn’t down to better or worse, but to personal preference. According to research 95% of women prefer midstream or in-stream tests. What’s Good and Bad About Midstream Pregnancy Tests? GOOD You don’t get your hands wet… or have the potential to …

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