letter to my angel star baby loss awareness week

It is baby loss awareness week. This is a letter written by Cherry to her daughter a month after she lost her at 24 weeks pregnant. It is sad, and may be triggering, but gives us a tiny insight into what losing a baby is like, and that is I think important for us to …

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minimising the chance of miscarriage

Last week I attended the virtual Healthy Pregnancy Summit, there were a wealth of great speakers and one that stood out to me was Dr Winifred Mak, also known as the @MiscarriageMD. She ran a session on how you can reduce the chance of miscarriage, although there is still much to learn about why all …

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responding to a miscarriage with wine

I know a lot of friends who have got pregnant via IVF or naturally and miscarried, as well as myself. It is always a bit awkward afterward, I mean what do you say to someone, how do you respond to a miscarriage? As someone who has been on both sides of the fence…. “Sorry to …

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