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Do You Have a Transfer Buddy

You might be thinking what on earth is a transfer buddy? I mean yes my partner, friend, or brother is coming with me for the transfer, is that what you mean? No that’s not really it. A transfer buddy is someone who is having their embryo transfer on the same day as you. In the …

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The pregnancy rollercoaster

Pregnancy and trying to conceive is a rollercoaster of a journey, up, down, loops, fast, slow, this is my second embryo transfer rollercoaster journey. Before the second embryo transfer the clinic in Spain – Institut Marques suggested that I have a Hysteroscopy to check that my uterus was in tiptop shape, basically what happens is …

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My journey to an embryo transfer

At 45 years old it’s rather late in the game to be starting out on the baby journey, but I am told that I look in my 30s – I did think that maybe my insides might also look in their 30s…. Unfortunately not! This is why at 45 I started IVF. I should also …

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Just a baby app screenshot

Just a Baby, that’s what the app is called, the app I used for about a month to find a sperm donor.  The easiest way to describe it is as “Tinder for sperm”…..  When I was looking at finding a sperm donor before I started my IVF to harvest my eggs it seemed that it …

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Embryo transfer Image

How does an embryo form and implant and is it different if you get pregnant naturally versa via IVF? If you are getting pregnant through IVF or are getting pregnant naturally the egg goes through the same journey. The only difference between the two is that in a natural pregnancy it happens inside your body …

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