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We are excited to announce that
Doctor Alice McGee has joined the Hoopsy team as a Clinical Content Advisor

Doctor Alice McGee has an amazing array of experience, but we will let her explain in her own words…

I am a medical doctor with over six years of experience in Women’s Health Research and over three years clinical experience. I am passionate about digital health and I enjoy collaborating with health tech businesses and start-ups. I am currently working for the University of Aberdeen as a Clinical Research Fellow in Women’s Health Research. I am working under the supervision of Professor Maggie Cruickshank, Director of Research and Development in NHS Grampian, along with other colleagues from the University’s Health Economics Research Unit.

The focus of my current research will be looking at the care options available to women after a positive HPV test in the cervical screening programme. A number of companies are offering HPV treatments which are not available in the NHS and which may, or may not, help clear up HPV including HPV vaccination, and probiotics and vaginal gels. Through a discrete choice experiment, I will also seek to determine the value women place on the different treatment options. This proposal will take steps towards understanding an unmet need among women who have high-risk HPV and who are on early repeat HPV testing. It will seek to understand whether women have considered treatments, which benefits or risks of such treatments they consider, and which factors influence these decisions as a health economics study.

I have published three papers to date and most recently have given an oral presentation at a European conference regarding human papillomavirus (HPV) testing and colposcopy practice in June 2022. I have spoken internationally at a gynaecology conference based in India in July 2021. I have over 15 poster presentations at national and international level. I was awarded the AFZ Giles Scholarship from the University of Aberdeen Development Trust in April 2022 in recognition of outstanding contribution to women’s health research.

I continue my other research commitments in women’s health research, including ongoing research into multizonal disease, colposcopy delivery and performance, expert colposcopy standards, and gynaecological oncology.

I am a Health Expert for Luna App (a start-up for adolescents who identify as female which provides advice on health and wellbeing during puberty). 

I am passionate about developing my skills as a Clinical Educator. I have just completed the Masters in Clinical Education program at the University of Aberdeen in June 2022. In my spare time, I enjoy developing my interests in coding, baking and golfing.

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