is a midstream or strip pregnancy test better

Good question, is a midstream or strip pregnancy test better? To be honest it isn’t down to better or worse, but to personal preference. According to research 95% of women prefer midstream or in-stream tests. What’s Good and Bad About Midstream Pregnancy Tests? GOOD You don’t get your hands wet… or have the potential to …

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the difference between a hoopsy pregnancy test and a plastic test

I have been chatting about how fabulous our pregnancy tests are for months, but I realised the other day that I have never really explained the differences between a Hoopsy pregnancy test and a plastic one! This is the biggest difference between a Hoopsy pregnancy test and a plastic one… funnily enough a plastic one …

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what is the best pregnancy test

Errr you think you might be pregnant, or maybe you are just worried that your period is a bit later than normal, time to do a pregnancy test. If you haven’t been to the pregnant test shelf in a store before you might find it a bit overwhelming, should you choose a brand or store …

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unboxing the new eco pregnancy tests

The finished Eco Pregnancy Test product arrived in London yesterday, watch the unboxing and find out what all the hype is about! The short video where for the first time I open the Hoopsy tests straight from the factory, not a traditional unboxing where it is a gift, but the first reveal of a new …

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