Environmental Impact

5 tips for an eco-conscious fertility journey by Dr Alice McGee

Trying for a baby is tough. You will know that better than anyone.  We think a lot about the eco impact of many things we do in everyday life, for example driving cars or taking public transport, waste management and eco-friendly alternatives.  You may not have thought much about the eco impact of your fertility …

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5 plastic facts you didn't know

Last night I watched a Netflix show called Broken, it is a documentary in four parts about products that are affecting our planet, in episode four they talk about plastic facts. I like to think that I know a bit about plastic and the environment through reading and watching doco’s but I have to say …

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the problem with free tiny hotel shampoo

Do you get excited when you see the tiny “free” bottles of hotel shampoo or the tiny jams in a restaurant? Thinking awesome I’ll take some extras to use at home? Or I’ll put them in my case every day of my stay and just use the minimum while I am here? They may seem …

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